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Unstopable Confidence


How to get what you want in your life?
How To Get
What You Want In Life


How To Manage your lost Career
How To Manage Your
Lost Career


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Financial Empowerment


You owe it a duty to God to be successful. Success and Fortunes are made in people’s mind. Your mind is the ultimate personal computer, you can instruct your minds computer to select the right job, make the right investment, choose the right mate, exercise influence and to acquire wealth. You can be successful financially.

The past is gone but you can still create a good future. If you can visualize the future, you can create a plan to get there.What are your 3months, 6months, 12months, 5years, 10years goal. Create a life map of where you want to be in the future.
A successful person knows perfectly what she DESIRES has a PLAN for getting it. BELIEVES in her ability to get it and DEVOTES a major part of her time ACQUIRING it


Real Estate Investments Strategies

My Own Business

Internet Business

Real estate Investment strategies
Book content:

  • Why real estate
  • Which Route -  Eight major areas
  • Home
  • buy to let
  • flips
  • buy, renovate, sell
  • off plan
  • multiple lets
  • flat hotel / serviced apartments
  • bed & breakfast
  • Property Due diligence
  • Creative property Investment strategies
    1. no money down
    2. options
    3. lease options
    4. joint ventures
    5. repossessions & auctions
  • Step by step process
    • finding motivated sellers
    • using the internet to find sellers
    • how to analyse property deals like a pro
    • how to raise finance
    • how to refurbish and refinance property
    • how to find tenants & manage portfolio
    • how to replace your income
30-day Action Plan

Only $19.99

Starting Your own business
 Book Content:
 - Deciding on a business – Getting business ideas
  -the business plan
 -business organization / format
 -licenses & permits
 -location & leasing
 -accounting & cash flow
 -how to finance your business
  -e commerce business
 -buying a business or franchise
-opening & marketing
-expanding & problems
-international trade
30-day Action Plan

Only $19.99




Building & growing your Internet business
Book content:

  • Why start a business online
  • Basic fundamentals
  • Internet business models
    • digital products
    • physical products
    • joint ventures
    • adsense site
    • marketing your professional service
  • Finding your niche market
  • Step by step process
  • affiliate marketing
  • infopreneur
  • developing your own products
  • membership sites
  • software development
  • Build the website
  • Optimise for search engines
  • Promote the website
  • Monetize the website
  • Automating the entire process
  • Diversification & building your business
  • 30-day Action Plan

Only $19.99



Get your own financial empowerment Package today and learn how to become empowered financially

  1. Make a decision to become financially independent – step across a mental line in your mind
  2. Set a goal to achieve a certain amount of money by a certain date then set sub-goals 2years, 1year, 6months, 1month
  3. Make detailed monthly plans of how much you are going to earn what you are going to achieve and what you are going to save or invest. Savings – is what you put aside for a  rainy day
    Investment – what one does at the expense of today in order to enjoy tomorrow
  4. Break Parkinson law – expenses rise to meet income.  Spend 10% - 20% less than you earn
  5. Carefully save & invest the money you are putting away – 1st half of becoming wealthy is to earn the money 2nd most important half is to hold unto it once you earn it
  6. Study, research and investigate financial opportunities carefully.  Don’t rush, avoid any kind of get rich quick schemes.  Making money is like digging in the sand with a pin.  Losing money is like pouring water on sand
  7. Get out of debt and stay out of debt – owing money is a major source of stress, it undermines your mental, emotional and physical health
  8. Continually look for ways to increase and add value to what you do
  9. Never give up – wealth accumulation is a steady process, it requires tremendous persistency and consistency
  10. Be a continual channel of blessing – make other people’s smaller dreams come to pass, God will make your dream to come to pass.  Law of sowing and reaping.
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