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     Bibi Bunmi Apampa
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Unstopable Confidence


How to get what you want in your life?
How To Get
What You Want In Life


How To Manage your lost Career
How To Manage Your
Lost Career


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Bibi Bunmi Apampa, Director of The Empowerment Centre Ltd, an internationally sought after Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Investor who has helped many people improve their lives financially, personally, spiritually and professionally.

A teacher of the Word by Calling specializing in teaching Financial Empowerment, Wealth Creation and Business breakthrough strategies and techniques by using biblical principles to empower people to succeed, excel and Prosper.

This will enable us release our working and business lives for Gods purpose in the business world, communities and nations.


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Empowerment Life Coach

Learn how to succeed in business

1 strategise in business,

2 Acquire leadership skills

3 effective time management,

4 Set up a marketing How to sell well

5 Selling skills

6 Negotiating strategies and techniques

7 Manage Executive Stress


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There are seven areas that people need to be successful in life

1 Business and Career

2 Family and Personal Life

3 Money and Investments

4 Health and Fitness

5 Personal Growth and Development

6 Social and Community activity

7 Spiritual Development and inner peace

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Learn how to become debtfree

·1 What is bad debt

·2 Effects of debt

·3 Steps to avoiding credit card debt

·4 Debt negotiation techniques

·5 Debt reduction plan

·6 Debt solutions

·7 Debtfree! Now what?

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A simple plan to follow for financial empowerment

·1 Dream

2 Desire

·3 Decision

4 Determination

5 Diligence

6 Discipline



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Wealth Creation - To create wealth from multiple streams of income, you need:
  1, A Dream or Vision: To aspire to create wealth, develop self-confidence to take actions.
  2, A Team: Build a team made up of partners, advisers & players actively making money in your chosen area
  3, A Model: You need a strategy or success system you can duplicate?
  4. Skills & Tools: You need to acquire the neccesary skills and tools to enable you function effectively
  5. A Mentor / Coach: Someone who has been very successful in the line of business
To facilitate this process, www.TheEmpowermentAcademy.com   was set up. Please visit  www.TheEmpowermentAcademy.com for information and assistance on how to create Wealth from three main sources 

Real estate investments
Financial Investments like stocks, bonds, money market investments, savings etc
Your own business on the internet or the "brick & mortar" business


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